Genealogical Research
in Southwest Germany

Welcome to the homepage of Friedrich R. Wollmershäuser, Oberdischingen, Germany.

I have just started my Internet adventure and I'm still struggling
with soft- and hardware. Honestly, I'm much more familiar
with genealogy in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria.

However, first information is available here and in German

Also yo
u will find lectures on interesting genealogical topics below:
Finding the Irretrievable English
Unusual Genealogical Sources in Germany English
Passenger Embarkation Lists of German Emigrants 1709 to 1914 English
German Noble Descent in American Family Tradition ss English
Archives in Baden-Württemberg German
Genealogical Research in Bavaria English
The Anatomy of the German Empire 1648-1918 English
German Parish Registers - What Else is New? English
Has Anything been Published About my Family? English
Before the Parish Registers Start English
Genealogical Research in Big Cities English
The Bureaucracy of Emigration and Its Traces in German Archives English
Successful Genealogical Correspondence and Travel to Germanay English
Sources about Emigration to Hungary in Archives of Baden-Württemberg German
Identifying Emigrants with Immigrants is a Difficult Job English
Using German Newspapers (1780-1914)   for Emigration Research English

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